What not to do a workplace

Abusing office resources:
Using the office printer, phone for personal use, taking office stationary like notebook, pen, stapler etc. home is not the right things to do. Using office time to do your work like searching on latest mobile phones, writing personal blog, downloading movie, songs etc is a strict no-no.

Active on social networks:
Browsing Orkut, updating Face-book, tweeting, chatting on g-talk for personal reasons can be viewed by one and all. It is important to keep a watch on what you are surfing and where you are posting your comments during office time. Self regulation is the key and being a regular social media-holic has its disadvantages.

Pointing fingers:
As important it is to take credit for the work done by you, it is also necessary to take ownership of the work which was not completed by you. If you have made a mistake, own up to it. Not accepting your mistakes and pointing at others for that is cheap, dishonest and childish. Also do remember that it is a team that works together is successful. So pointing fingers will alienate you from the role of a team player.

Admitting your mistake can be embarrassing initially but it is less embarrassing when people discover that you lied or tried to cover up the things.

It sounds good to spend `quality time’ around water cooler or in canteen gossiping about your boss, colleague, company policy etc . Not being part of these sessions is in your best interest. Gossiping nurtures negative environment at workplace and certainly reduces trust if branded as a gossip monger.

It will not go down well with you, if you become the topic of gossip around the water cooler or in canteen.

You may please add on some more valuable points from your side also.

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