The WST enables – “The Whole Organization Truly Become Much More Than Sum Of Its Parts”. WST is a methodology engaging all facets of an organization to accomplish faster, cheaper, and sustainable positive change. Transforming a system into a unified whole is the process of shifting from one configuration or expression into another. It shifts the paradigm of People and Organizations for growth. All parts of the system are modified. In order for true transformation to take place, the organization must function as a – “Whole”. If it hasn‘t achieved wholeness first, it will separate into disconnected pieces and will be unable to realize its true nature in separation. Thus, what is meant by the term – whole system transformation is more than simply a change that affects the entire system but rather the entire system is involved in creating itself a new. This exciting focus then moves away from imposing change management on an organization.

Transformatory Business Group measures the maturity of organizations with a proprietary customized five point scale in the areas of strategy management and organizational transformation process which largely includes strategic areas, operational excellence, strategic talent management and organization hygiene. We design and implement WST based on gap analysis. 70% of change efforts FAIL, whereas, 90% of Whole System Transformation SUCCEED. This is our core competence.

Transformatory Business Consulting Group enables “Transaction Oriented Organization to become Strategy-Focused Organization”. It also enables “Family Owned Organizations to Professionally driven Organizations”.

Transformatory Business Consulting Group is leading whole system transformation training center also offer their services in Africa, UAE, Middle East, APAC, GCC and SAARC countries.