Welcome to Transformatory

Transformatory Business Consulting Group is one of the leading business consultancy service providers in India, Africa, UAE, Middle East, APAC, GCC and SAARC countries that helps organizations to improve profitability and grow their businesses.

Our assignments usually start with a customer who finds himself asking questions such as:

  • This is where we want to go, now how do we get there?
  • Our business is stagnant. Our company is not growing since last five years. How can we change this situation?
  • What can we do differently to grow our business?
  • Are there different markets that we should be targeting?
  • What future market changes do we need to prepare for?
  • Why don’t prospective clients seek us out?
  • How do we win more market share?
  • How do we improve sales on a sustainable basis?
  • Where can we generate more revenue growth from?
  • How do we improve price realization and reduce cost to improve margins?
  • Our operational efficiency and productivity are low. What can we do for this?
  • How do we get support of our team to achieve Vision and Strategic goals
  • Our people lack capability to achieve business goals. What do we do for this?
  • How do we improve efficiency and effectiveness of people, systems, policies and practices? We lack synergy among them. What do we do now?

Transformatory Business Consulting Group is one of the leading Human Resource Management System providers that helps organizations to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and overall productivity.

Some areas may require quick fix solutions while others may warrant time-consuming or drastic measures. Solutions vary and could include the need for:

  • Vision, Mission and Value System
  • Strategy development and execution
  • Performance review mechanism
  • Outsourcing
  • Process re-engineering
  • People management
  • Quality controls
  • Purchase & supplier reviews
  • e-enabling a business
  • Adopting technology & investing in infrastructure
  • Changes in marketing materials
  • Revamping marketing or business strategies
  • Changing an organisation’s work culture
  • Organisation design
  • Change management

How does Transformatory Business Consultancy Work?

Our Transformation solutions require an in-depth study of a business and its utilisation of resources including people, time, machinery, working capital, assets, raw materials, processes, and production cycles. Cost reduction is only one aspect of what we do and the other is improved price realization.

The starting point of our task is usually defined by a single question that our customers look to resolve. From there on, a process of gathering information, analysing data, developing ideas, building acceptance of results and implementation follow. Our Transformative workshops/ training develop the capability of people and organizations.

1. Information gathering

Usually we begin assignments by tapping into a client’s existing resources. Companies tend to have a lot of data which sometimes remains under-utilised. The process usually includes:

  • Reviewing existing data
  • Interviews with employees, subject matter experts with the firm, clients, vendors, or customers
  • Conducting primary and secondary research or commissioning research studies
2. Analysis
  • Analysing data
  • Identifying issues
  • Understanding why they exist
  • Assessing the impact of findings
3. Ideation
  • Developing ideas to overcome issues
  • Testing ideas – weighing their drawbacks
  • Identifying solutions
4. Implementation
  • Develop a path forward with specific targets
  • Put solutions into practice
  • Tweak solutions
  • Review and measure results
5. Acceptance
  • Present findings to the client team
  • Building acceptance for solutions

In our experience, there is always some amount of resistance to change. Sometimes clients hear something they don’t like and sometimes clients accept findings but remain unsure of how to bring about change and implement solutions. We show them a practical way of implementation thereby building acceptance for ideas.

Transformatory is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India working with clients throughout India, Africa, UAE, Middle East, APAC, GCC and SAARC countries.

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