Leadership: Questions I ask to myself as a Leader

I always have a question ; Am I a good leader? I don’t know. But I have the responsibility to achieve some worthy goals, that’s why I have the team. How well I am leading?

Let me ask some questions to myself,

  • Everyone in organization is client to me. Do I prepare myself for every question she may ask?
  • Selling idea/suggestion to my boss, my colleague & my direct report is my responsibility. She buys or not that’s her decision. Do I try to convince her with right examples?
  • Arguing is pointless & time wastage. If I can’t convince, Do I listen, think and then speak humbly?
  • Do I make sure that people around me don’t afraid/shy away to ask me the status or assign me the task or to give me my feedback?
  • Do I feed forward the people instead of giving same feedback again & again?
  • Do I help people to achieve their goals and give credit to them?
  • Do I try to lead and get the things done without authority?
  • Do I try to raise my humble voice without official authority, if anything is happening wrong?
  • Do I ask right question to the people at the right time?
  • Do people around me find me hard working & passionate about the shared vision? and am I?
  • Do I stay away from making the comments that hurts the feeling of people or cultural values?
  • Do I think/provide the solution instead of discussing or being a part of the problem?
  • Do I accept & acknowledge my mistakes and limitations?
  • Am I strengthening the relationship with the people who are passionate about the shared vision?
  • After following all above practices, Do I have the ability to achieve the goals with maximum high standards?
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