Let Us Grow Leaders At Workplace

Grow the Leader is based on a simple yet powerful concept: The ultimate competitive advantage of our organization comes down to a single imperative – our ability to grow & develop leaders faster than our competition. Know our competition & always stay far ahead of our competition so that they pose no threat to us. The more quickly we can get every single person of the organization demonstrate leadership behavior – regardless of their position – the more quickly we will lead the field of business. While Products and Processes are yet copy-able by our competitors, the Leadership & Team is next to impossible to copy. THEREFORE, OUR RACE IS TO GROW LEADERS FASTER & DEVELOP A “CULTURE OF LEADERSHIP & UN-COPY ABLE TEAM” BEFORE OUR COMPETITION DOES.

A leadership culture is one where everyone of us thinks & acts like an owner, like a CEO OR MANAGING DIRECTOR on an Entrepreneur. Irrespective of whether he is a Director, Manager, Officer, Supervisor or Workman he needs to instill the thinking of an owner to get the best out of oneself at any given circumstances.

It also indicates that each & every employee is entrepreneurial & proactive. Every employee who is on the pay roll of the company needs to understand & believe that he is a capitalist or an industrialist. Even though he is just an ordinary employee, he needs to have his hands-on in the business. One has to be extremely practical, positive & upright.

When we inculcate or imbibe this culture, the employee shall focus on getting to solutions rather than problems. This necessarily means that they worry about sales & do their part to cutting down on costs. This also means they take personal responsibility for achieving results that move the business forward irrespective of whether they run the mail room or sit in a board room.

It further means that the people shape culture, stay positive, aggressive & lead by example. Once the thoughts, actions & behavior of the employees rubs on the others the overall perspective of the company changes in terms of its functions leading to a great organization. In other words, there has to be a remarkable consistency of its people’s thoughts, actions & behavior in reaching out to its customers in terms of results & productivity.

Let’s make ourselves fully show up each day – at work & in life as if retreat just wasn’t an option? How high would we reach, how greatly would we dare, how hard would we work if failure just wasn’t a possibility?

This is the culture which the management & we together have to instill in each & every people without an exception before expecting the results. Once the results start flowing, the flow shall be continuous & never ending. It is pretty normal to avoid putting stress on ourselves by intensely challenging ourselves to shine. But greatness never comes to anyone normal.


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