In most organizations Vision, Mission and Strategy are in the mind of Top Management and never gets percolated to bottom of the pyramid. This is why the organizations don’t create sustainable competitive advantage and grow. Strategy development and execution are not one-off activities. They are embedded in the management processes of an organization.

Transformatory Business Consulting Group support organizations to develop strategy and its execution through Balanced Scorecard (BSC). We ensure the transformation of “Transaction Oriented Organization to Strategy-Focused Organization” with long term sustainable competitive advantage. We also facilitate transformation of family-owned businesses to professionally driven organization.

Transformatory Business Consulting Group develop capability of customers to deploy some of the strategy tools such as Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard leading to self-reliant. We also offer training programs and workshops for strategy development and execution through Balanced Scorecard. We offer our services for strategy review meetings and provide hand-holding support during strategy execution. We also provide strategic communication framework for various stakeholders.

Call us for strategy development training courses and programs in India, Africa, UAE, Middle East, APAC, GCC and SAARC countries.