“Organization Development is an effort planned, organization-wide, and managed from the top, to increase organization effectiveness and health through planned interventions in the organization’s ‘processes,’ using behavioral-science knowledge.”

At Transformatory Business Consulting Group, our organizational development consulting services provide critical insight in India, Africa, UAE, Middle East, APAC, GCC and SAARC countries to help leaders navigate change.

We facilitate organizational development to improve efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of organizations, groups and individuals. We design and implement following OD intervention after systematic thorough research;

  1. Organizational climate survey and engagement survey
  2. Culture survey, diagnostic and transformation
  3. Organization structure diagnostics and restructuring
  4. Future search conference
  5. Open space
  6. LSIP (large scale interactive process)
  7. T- Group and sensitivity training
  8. Action research
  9. Appreciative inquiry
  10. Team building
  11. Organization confrontation meeting
  12. Self-managed, self-directed and self-organized teams
  13. Coaching and mentoring
  14. Design thinking
  15. Emotional intelligence
  16. Business process reengineering
  17. Goal setting and performance management systems
  18. Career planning and development . Management of Hi-POT and Hi-PER employees.
  19. Reward and recognition systems
  20. Diversity management

We offer training workshops in the field of Organization Development.

We also provide Organization Development Training Programs. Enroll for unique Organization Development Analysis, Diagnosis, Specialist training, courses in India, Africa, UAE, Middle East, APAC, GCC and SAARC countries.